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Daventry Town Council requests transfer of Parks, Open Spaces and Market from Daventry District Council

Daventry Town Council requests transfer of Parks, Open Spaces and Market from Daventry District Council

Posted: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 16:27 by Amy Simpson

Following on from the discussions pertaining to local government reform, the current position regarding the situation of Northamptonshire is that; Northamptonshire elections will be postponed with councillors continuing their position until May 2020; the seven districts/boroughs will be replaced with two Unitary Councils; and, if confirmed, a Unitary Authority will be in place by April 2020.

With regards to this, Daventry Town Council is in talks with Daventry District Council over the transfer of assets and services to preserve the ownership and management of existing open spaces and community buildings for future generations of the Town. More »

Daventry Town Council has given due consideration to areas where there would be public benefit in transferring these services, as well as considering its capacity to deliver those services. Over the past six months representatives of Daventry Town Council and Daventry District Council have engaged in meaningful dialogue for transfer of Town assets and management of those assets, specifically the Town's parks, open spaces and market.

Daventry District Council has advised that they have a duty to preserve the freedom and flexibility of assets and services for the new Unitary Authority. Daventry Town Council has challenged this view and insisted that it is the duty of both councils to preserve the Town's heritage and work together to transfer the Town's parks, open spaces and market to the Town Council, as the rightful custodian.

Ian Vincent, Chief Executive of Daventry District Council, acknowledged the importance of preserving the Town's heritage and the ownership and management of its assets being governed by the authority that best represented its community but added that legislation and contractual obligations may prevent any transfer. The Town Council has challenged the legal reasons and is seeking legal advice to pursue the transfer of the New Street Recreation Ground, open spaces and the market.

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer of Daventry Town Council said, "The Town Council has given this matter due thought and consideration and would not be discussing the transfer of Town assets from the District to the Town Council if it thought it would not be in the Town's best interest to do so.

Daventry Town Council has a duty of care to the residents of the Town to preserve its assets, including parks and open spaces, as well as buildings, not just for the current generation but for generations to come. Local councils play important roles in residents' lives and it is important that those who live and work in the Town have a say in how services are delivered in the future. We believe that those services would best be delivered by Daventry Town Council, who know and care for the local area, rather than an autonomous body who is removed from the Town."

For further information, please contact the Town Clerk via email at townclerk@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk. » Less

A Christmas Message from the Mayor of Daventry

A Christmas Message from the Mayor of Daventry

Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 16:31 by Amy Simpson

Since my inauguration as Mayor in April of this year, I have spent the past eight months getting to know the people of this town a bit better. Daventry continues to be a great place to live, work and visit and I am reminded of that with each new community engagement I attend.

There have been so many wonderful events in Daventry Town, in 2018, and I was very fortunate to have attended most of them. The Food Festival that took place in September was very well received – shame about the rain, but it was fantastic to see the Town so full of life on a Saturday. The annual Fireworks Display in November proved once again that community events is something that we do well – it was an honour to open the display, with the highest attendance we have ever had. The Winter Fayre, first of its name, took place only a couple of weeks ago and was definitely a great success in the Town. The annual lantern parade continues to go from strength to strength, with the highest number of participants that it has seen. More »

This year's Remembrance Parade, being the commemoration of 100 years from the end of WW1, was both humbling and moving. We said farewell to Graham Holloway who will no longer continue to be Parade Master for the Town. I wish Graham every luck in future endeavours – he will indubitably be missed. The empty chair project was an excellent and fitting tribute to the 114 Daventry soldiers who lost their lives in WW1 and brought a lump to my throat and touched the hearts of all those who visited the exhibition.

The introduction of our sponsored PCSO and Town Ranger has proven incredibly effective in the Town Council's community safety strategy, ensuring that Daventry continues to be a safe place to live, work and visit. Looking at last year's figures and comparing them to this year, the Ranger and PCSO have helped reduce the anti-social behaviour complaints over the summer holidays – a wonderful achievement I am sure you will all agree.

The community spirit in Daventry Town never ceases to amaze me – the generosity, kindness and creativity of the individuals and communities I have seen makes me proud to be Mayor and Chair of Council.

So, whatever your beliefs, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Cllr Lynn Jones - Mayor of Daventry » Less

Winter Fayre success for Daventry Town

Winter Fayre success for Daventry Town

Posted: Mon, 10 Dec 2018 12:42 by Amy Simpson

From a Christmas Market to Santa's Grotto, Daventry's town centre was filled with the magic of Christmas, on Saturday 8th December, as the first Winter Fayre took place in the town.

Hundreds of residents and visitors took to the streets of the town to take part in the event. The High Street was filled with local traders selling a variety of drink, food and crafts whilst Sheaf Street was home to Santa's Grotto (built into the bandstand especially for the occasion), as well as Donkey Rides. More »

The annual Lantern Parade which took place in the afternoon, and led by Liberty Drum Corps, had the best turn out ever since its inception three years ago, with hundreds of adults and children taking part. The parade ended with a Family Carol Service at the Holy Cross Church, which was a great success.

Cllr Lynn Jones, Mayor of Daventry, said, "I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Saturday, there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. The donkey rides were definitely the most popular attraction of the day and it was wonderful to see the town thriving and full of people on a weekend. I'm looking forward to next year's already."

The full gallery of photos taken on the day are available to view via www.daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk/daventrywinterfayre. » Less

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