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Town Council Elections – 7th May 2020

Town Council Elections – 7th May 2020

Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 2020 16:32 by Daventry Town Council

Are you passionate about Daventry?

Yes - Join the Town Council team and become a Town Councillor

Daventry Town Council is keen to encourage enthusiastic people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, who want to make a difference in their local areas, to consider becoming a Town Councillor.

To seize this window of opportunity, you must be at least 18 years old, be a local elector or somebody who has lived or worked in Daventry for a year before you stand for nomination. More »

It is important to note that Daventry Town Council is apolitical, you do not have to be a member of a political party, which means you will represent the interests of the people of the Ward you represent not the ideas on a political agenda.


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Welton Road Cemetery Transfer to Daventry Town Council

Welton Road Cemetery Transfer to Daventry Town Council

Posted: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 12:00 by DTC Comms

Daventry's Welton Road Cemetery has been transferred from Daventry District Council to Daventry Town Council.

It means the Town Council now has responsibility for funeral bookings as well as the Cemetery's management and maintenance.

The transfer of the Cemetery on 17 January is a defining moment in the Town Council's history as it pledges to provide a high quality, cost effective, personal service and a peaceful location for quiet contemplation and reflection. More »

It follows an agreement between the Councils in July 2019 over the transfer of a number of the services and assets local to Daventry town.

Daventry's Market was the first to be transferred in November last year, and with the transfer of the cemetery now complete, street furniture in the Town is expected to follow later this month.

The remainder of the Town's local open green spaces and play areas (including the New Street Recreation Ground) will also be transferred assuming Parliament approves the legislation necessary to establish the West Northamptonshire Council, which would replace the District and County Councils.

Cllr Mike Arnold, Chair of Daventry Town Council and Mayor of Daventry, said "All members agreed that Welton Road Cemetery is a fundamental part of Daventry's heritage and an extremely important asset and service that the Town Council will be responsible for as it looks ahead and starts planning its future within the new unitary West Northamptonshire Council."

Cllr David James, Daventry District Council's Economic, Regeneration and Employment Portfolio Holder said: "Daventry District Council is pleased to help secure the future of these local services by putting them in the hands of Daventry Town Council. We believe that in the context of the changes ahead of us they will best be managed by those directly responsible to the people of the Town."

For information on burials or interments in Welton Road Cemetery, Daventry, please contact Daventry Town Council on 01327 301246 or email cemeteries@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk » Less

Battle of Naseby Exhibition at Daventry Museum: Starts Saturday 11th January 2020

Battle of Naseby Exhibition at Daventry Museum: Starts Saturday 11th January 2020

Posted: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 10:00 by DTC Comms

The first exhibition of 2020 at Daventry Museum commemorates 375 years since the Battle of Naseby and Daventry's Place in the Conflict.

**Opening Saturday 11th January 2020 until Saturday 24th April 2020.**

On the morning of 14 June 1645, parliament's Newly Modelled Army destroyed King Charles I's main field army at Naseby, the decisive battle of the first English Civil War. Nights before this, King Charles stayed at Daventry's Wheatsheaf Inn and his Royalist forces used Borough Hill as a base before marching to fight at Naseby. More »

Daventry Museum's exhibition Commemorating the Battle of Naseby: 375 years. Daventry's Place in the Conflict is a first for the museum's collaborators The Naseby Battlefield Project (NBP) and the first of a number of activities planned by the Project in the run up to the anniversary in June 2020. Many items in the exhibition will be on display for the very first time from lenders who are patrons and trustees of the NBP.

Exhibits include articles such as original armour, swords and cannon balls found on the battlefield, plus contemporary paintings of soldiers and views of the battle itself. Highlights include loans from The National Civil War Museum in Newarke such as Fairfax's campaign cup and water bottle given to him by Cromwell and a lobster pot helmet complete with 'battle scars' from the Naseby conflict, plus the Naseby Papers captured from the King's baggage train. Weaponry, silk standards and replica costumes, accompanied by the sights and sounds of a battle re-enactment will immerse visitors in the rich history of the turbulent 17th century Civil War.

During the exhibition there will be special evening and Saturday open day talks given by Civil War historians (check social media & further PR for details). We are also hoping to welcome Sealed Knot reenactors along to the first open Saturday on the 11th January. » Less

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