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Annual Flower and Vegetable Show returns to Daventry Town

Annual Flower and Vegetable Show returns to Daventry Town

Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:56 by Amy Simpson

On Saturday 18th August 2018, Daventry's annual Flower and Vegetable Show will return to Daventry Town.

Hosted by Daventry Allotment and Gardening Association (DAGA) in partnership with Daventry Town Council, the Flower and Vegetable Show will be taking place at the Community Centre in Daventry and will host a plethora of homegrown flowers, fruits and vegetables, as well as homemade cakes, jams and chutneys. There will also be a Mini Craft Market with many local crafters displaying their handcrafted items. More »

Mark Spence, Chair of DAGA, said, "The event is always well attended, both by those who enter the show and those who come along as spectators and tasters! There were many high calibre entrants last year and we are excited to see what this year brings."

Lynn Jones, Chair of Council and Mayor of Daventry added, "The Flower and Vegetable Show is always a big hit with the local community and is becoming more popular with our younger residents. It is wonderful to see such community spirit under one roof and I look forward to presenting the winners with their prizes on the day."

General admission is free to the public from 2pm – 4pm for the Flower and Vegetable Show and from 1pm for the Mini Craft Market.

Entry forms and fees must be submitted either via the Allotment Store (located on the Welton Road Allotment) by Tuesday 12th August 2018, or via the Town Council offices no later than 4pm on Wednesday 15th August 2018. Entry forms are available at both locations.

For more information, please contact Daventry Town Council on 01327 301246 or via email to events@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk. » Less

Daventry Museum responds to offer of archives from Johnston Press

Daventry Museum responds to offer of archives from Johnston Press

Mon, 02 Jul 2018 09:58 by Amy Simpson

Daventry Museum has been offered the opportunity to store archives of bound copies of the Daventry Express from the 1960's onwards.

Due to moving premises, Johnston Press are unable to store their archive of bound copies of the Daventry Express in their new offices. Daventry Museum was asked if it would be able to store approximately 60-80 bound copies dating from 1969 to 2013 on the proviso that Johnston Press would retain ownership; copyright; unlimited access; and there would be no cost for the storage. More »

Due to the size of the archive, and the limitation set out by Johnston Press, Daventry Museum is unfortunately unable to accept the archives due to the inability to store and preserve them correctly, as well as the inability to make them available to the public on a regular basis for viewing. Given that they are paper archives, these would be better suited to an environmentally controlled store, under carefully monitored conditions from a paper conservator, which Daventry Museum does not have.

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer of Daventry Town Council, said, "Having looked into the matter with due care and consideration, it was felt that as an accredited museum we are obliged to acquire items and care for them according to our policies and ethos regarding care and conservation, and therefore the Museum has declined the offer from Johnston Press. We have not arrived at this decision lightly and should an offer be made in the future whereby we can add the archives into our collection, then this is definitely something we would look at."

For further information please contact the Museum at museum@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk. » Less

Daventry Town residents provided with the opportunity to comment on local government restructure

Daventry Town residents provided with the opportunity to comment on local government restructure

Wed, 27 Jun 2018 12:03 by Amy Simpson

From Monday 18th June 2018, Daventry Town residents will be provided with the opportunity to comment on the future of local government in Northamptonshire.

There are currently eight local authorities across Northamptonshire providing council services which include housing; planning; social care and protecting the vulnerable; they also collect rubbish; maintain roads and run libraries.

Councils are currently organised in a two-tier structure, with some services being provided by the County Council, and others being provided by the District Council. All eight councils, including Daventry District Council, have been invited by the Government to submit proposals to restructure local government in Northamptonshire. On Monday 18th June 2018, the public consultation process was launched, for those who live and work in Northamptonshire to have their say on the restructure. More »

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer for Daventry Town Council, said of the consultation process, "It is incredibly important that Daventry Town residents become involved with the consultation. For those living or working in Daventry, and indeed the county, the services which are provided by both the County and District Councils, including council tax, would be affected by the proposals that the councils are intending to put forward."

Decisions have yet to be taken and the councils, along with the government, want to know the views and opinions of those living and working in the area. Public consultation will close on Sunday 22nd July 2018 and hard copies of the questionnaire are available from the Town Council Offices, 3 New Street, Daventry, NN11 4BT.

Further information regarding the consultation process can be found online via www.futurenorthants.co.uk. » Less

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