Community Ranger

The Community Ranger role was implemented in April 2018 to work with DTC's CCTV Control Room and the local PCSOs and Police to ensure continued safety and wellbeing of Daventry and the community.

The Role of your Community Ranger is to:

  • Act as an ambassador of Daventry and to be the eyes and ears of the area.
  • Work as part of a team within the Town Council and local community.
  • Forge community links and establish relationships to improve the area and quality of life.
  • Act as a signpost to provide advice and information to other agencies and council services and monitor progress of referrals.
  • To be alert to and where possible, deter anti-social behaviour in the area, reporting cases where necessary to the correct crime prevention agencies
  • Involve the community and develop it's capacity to take action and promote responsibility for improving neighbourhoods.
  • Provide a visible and reassuring presence to the community and businesses within Daventry.
  • Liaise and communicate with local businesses in order to provide support when needed.
  • Identify, report and prevent environmental, safety and security issues.

"The Community Ranger role has made a positive impact within the Town and by working in partnership with DTC's CCTV Control Room and the local PCSOs and Police they are able to deal with local issues and improve safety" Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer Daventry Town Council

Who is your Community Ranger?

Charlotte Jones was appointed on 1st June 2020 and provides a friendly and approachable service to promote respect for people, property and the environment. Charlotte can be seen throughout the Town, not just the Town Centre, working in partnership with other enforcement services to address community safety problems.

When asked why Charlotte took on the role of Community Ranger, she responded:

"it is the perfect opportunity to do what I love, helping people. I am a good listener and I want to feel like I can make a difference to the Town we live in".

Contacting the Community Ranger

Members of the public can email the Community Ranger direct via:

To be kept up to date with the Ranger follow their official Twitter page: @DTCranger

Please note: The Community Ranger usually operates from Tuesday to Saturday.

The Ranger & DTC Radio Scheme

Daventry Town Council's Businesses Together Radio Scheme is a valuable subscription service open to all businesses and retailers within Daventry.

It provides businesses a direct link to the Community Ranger, PCSO and Daventry CCTV Control Room. This can help businesses report crime as it happens and give others advanced warnings of retail theft, as well as highlight prolific anti-social individuals.

More information to sign-up to this annual subscription service see below: