Daventry Town Council

Making your voice heard

Daventry Town Council

Clerk: Ms Deborah Jewell
3 New Street, Daventry
Northamptonshire NN11 4BT

Tel: 01327 301246

Your Town Councillors

Daventry seventeen Town Councillors and seven Wards; Abbey Central, Abbey North, Abbey South, Ashby Fields, Daneholme, Drayton and Hill. If you are unsure as to which Ward your home is situated, please contact Daventry Town Council for help. 01327 301246

The Town Council holds elections every four years, the last one being 3rd May 2018.

Should a vacancy arise prior to the next scheduled election, Notice is given to the electors of that Ward to advise if they wish the post to be decided by election or co-option.

Abbey Central

Abbey North

Abbey South

Ashby Fields



Hill Ward

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Daventry District Council

Cllr Cecile Irving-Swift, Chairman of Daventry District Council
Tel: 01327 871100
email: chairman@daventrydc.gov.uk

Northamptonshire County Council

Member of Parliament

Chris Heaton-Harris