Map of the Daventry Conservation Area

Daventry Conservation Area

In order to conserve and enhance the heritage of numerous attractive settlements within Northamptonshire's for the future, the Local Planning Authority has designated places within Daventry as Conservation Areas, this puts in place tighter controls for anyone seeking permission to alter or demolish a building, or carry out works to trees.

The following documents set out the details of the Conservation Areas which have been designated in Daventry.

Particular types of minor development do not need planning permission, even within conservation areas. These forms of development are termed 'permitted development'.

Whilst they may appear minor when viewed individually, changes through permitted development can cumulatively affect the overall character of a building or conservation area, leading to a gradual erosion of its special interest.

This change is managed by the introduction of planning controls known as Article 4 Directions.

Article 4 directions can be put in place on buildings or parts of buildings to add further controls for features which are particularly important to the historic and architectural interest of the area. This may be with regards to development such as replacing windows, painting the exterior of a property or constructing a porch. Each Article 4 Direction will be clear about precisely which permitted development rights have been removed, and for which properties.

Once an Article 4 Direction is made, planning permission becomes necessary to undertake any development referred to within the Direction. An Article 4 direction does not automatically mean that the development cannot take place, but it provides further controls to ensure that any development that is permitted is appropriate to the character of the locality.

The following documents set out Article 4 (1) Directions which are currently in place within conservation areas in Daventry.

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