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Knitting and crochet meet ups

The team have been running Knit and Crochet drop in sessions at the museum since early 2022 as part of our Mental Health Awareness Campaign and they've been a roaring success. In 2022 we were busy making squares for the yarn Christmas tree (you can still see the video below) but what will we make this year? For this first session feel free to bring your own projects to get on with, plus any ideas for a group project for 2023.

The next knitting and crochet meet up at Daventry Town Council and Museum will be

Saturday 28th January at 2-4pm.

This will be the first meet up of 2023! We're going to chat about future projects and make decisions on what we would like to create, potentially with the King's Coronation in mind.

See our Facebook event for updates.

The Yarn Christmas Tree Project Video

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