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Become a Daventry Litter Hero!

Daventry Town Council wants to make a difference to the environment in our town and has launched a litter picking scheme encouraging residents to target areas that can easily be cleared of litter as part of their daily exercise or have a passion for their environment.

Litter blights our streets and parks and with residents support, Daventry Town Council wants to inspire people to eliminate litter now and for future generations.

Join in and get involved - suitable for all ages.

Community Clear-Up & Litter Picks

Daventry Town Council launched a monthly litter picking schemes in 2020 where local residents were asked to pledge just one hour of their time to join our Community Ranger and Ward Councillors targeting areas within Daventry.

We held various Community Litter Picks throughout 2020 and 2021, Covid-19 Government guidance permitting, and again in 2022. They were held across various Parks & Open Space within Daventry that the Town Council are responsible for. These included Middlemore, Stefen Hill, Southbrook, Wimborne, the Hollow, the Grange, Fishponds, Lang Farm, Headlands, Inlands, Daneholme and the Town Centre including New Street Park also coinciding with The Keep Britain Tidy - Great British Spring Clean Campaign.

Upcoming Dates:

Organised Community Clear-Up & Litter Picks:

Residents are welcome to join our Community Ranger on any or all of our Community Clear-Up & Litter Pick dates.

We plan to tidy up, sweep and litter pick particular area to take pride in where we live. All litter pick sticks, hoops, bags, brushes and shovels will be provided by Daventry Town Council although people are encouraged to bring along their own Litter Picker kits on the day if they have them.

Dates & Locations for 2023:

  • Saturday 25 March 2023 (11am - 12pm) - The Great British Spring Clean at The Grange @ Pike & Eel Car Park
  • Monday 08 May 2023 (11am - 12pm) - The King's Coronation Weekend - The Big Help Out at Southbrook - in collaboration with the Sounthbrook Community Centre @ Hood Road Car Park
  • Saturday 24 June 2023 (11am - 12pm) - Headlands @ Co-op Car Park
  • Saturday 29 July 2023 (11am - 12pm) - Wimborne Place @ Wimborne Car Park
  • Wednesday 30 August 2023 (11am - 12pm) - Southbrook @ Hood Road Car Park
  • Saturday 23 September 2023 (11am - 12pm) - New Street Park & Daventry Town Centre @ New Street Park Notice Board

All dates are free and no pre-booking required - simply turn up on the day.

Please visit our Facebook Events Page for further information on each pick date.


You can suggest any Open Spaces within Daventry that you think would benefit most from an organised Daventry Town Council Community Litter Pick.

PLEASE NOTE: Daventry Country Park and Borough Hill do not come under Daventry Town Council, these are managed by West Northamptonshire Council.

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DTC Community Litter Pick Survey

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Add your 3rd suggestion here if you have one.

Already a Daventry Litter Hero

Already a Daventry Litter Hero

If you are already a Daventry Litter Hero keep us updated by filling in our form below and upload any photos of you and/or how many bags you collected.

IMPORTANT: Please leave any collected bags next to any public bin wherever possible to aid with collection.

#DaventryLitterHeroes #LitterHeroes

Or email DTCparks@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk

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Report your Litter Pick!

The area you completed your litter pick

How many bags of litter have you collected?

Where did you leave your full litter bags so we can arrange for Norse to collect them? (please leave your bags next to an public existing bin and provide as much detail as possible)

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RETURNING LITTER KITS: Funding for Litter picking kits is limited, so if you are unable to continue litter picking, please return your kit to Daventry Town Council by calling 01327 301246 or email DTCparks@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk

How we process the information you supply to us: Privacy and Cookies | Daventry Town Council

Photo of fly tipping near gate to a field


If you spot any fly tipping please report to Daventry District Council direct by filling in their online West Northants Council - Fly-tipping Form or calling 01327 871100 (Mon - Fri 9am - 4:30pm).

A4 certificate for Litter Heroes

Litter Hero Certificate!

Once you have completed your litter pick we think you deserve a Daventry Litter Hero Certificate.

Simply download a copy now and fill in your child's name.

Computer generated graphic of an aerial view of forest with Green Blue Peter Badge superimposed in the trees surrounded by wind turbines

Young Litter Heroes

Apply for a Blue Peter Green Badge!

If you are Daventry Litter Hero and aged between 6 -15 years old did you know you can apply for a Blue Peter Green badge? They are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about or inspired by the environment, conservation or nature - including litter picks! Visit their website for a step-by-step guide on how you can apply.

Community Litter Pick Gallery

Middlemoor Community Litter Picks

Community Litter Pick

Fishponds Community Litter Pick

Cllr Mathew Churchley and volunteers including local Guilds and Scout groups enjoying our first litter pick.

Cllr Mathew Churchley and volunteers including local Guilds and Scout groups enjoying our first litter pick.

Our team of #Litterhero who joined us on our first litter pick

Our team of #Litterhero who joined us on our first litter pick

The collection of litter we accumulated from our first litter pick. A great effort from all our volunteers.

The collection of litter we accumulated from our first litter pick. A great effort from all our volunteers.

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