Annual Town Assembly – Making Your Voice Heard

Posted: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 15:28 by Daventry Town Council

Annual Town Assembly – Making Your Voice Heard

The Annual Town Assembly, held on 21st March 2016 in the Community Association Hall, was attended by over 50 residents who came to review Annual Town Report and have their voices heard on issues that were concerning them about their Town.

Sergeant Sam Dobbs, District Sergeant, Daventry Town, Team gave an interesting insight into all aspects of community policing within Daventry, and praised the Town Council for their CCTV service and their support in the prevention and detection of crime in the Town.

Daventry Town Mayor, Cllr Wendy Randall then chaired the open forum where the majority of attendees expressed their concerns about the proposed canal along with developments on Eastern Way and Primrose Hill, and road safety along the Ashby Road. Other concerns raised included lack of road sweeping, fly tipping, fatalities on the A45, the unloved appearance of the Town Centre and unsightly approaches to our Town.

The Town Council concurred with the views of those present and advised that they would actively seek solutions to these issues.

The Town Council is urging residents to make their views known, by contacting their local Town or District Councillor or by submitting comments to the Town Council by visiting their website: or by email:

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