Celebrating Commonwealth Day- Monday 13th March 2017

Posted: Thu, 09 Mar 2017 15:39 by Daventry Town Council

Celebrating Commonwealth Day- Monday 13th March 2017

Daventry Town Council is pleased to be marking Commonwealth Day on Monday 13th March at 10.45am, at the Twinning area (located at the top of London Road) with a flag raising ceremony.

Commonwealth Day celebrates 52 countries coming together to celebrate the shared values of the Commonwealth, of peace, democracy and equality, and to celebrate the association's rich diversity.

Along with Daventry Mayor, representatives from the Twinning Association, Church, Daventry Town Councillors, Daventry District Councillors and other local organisations, we would like to invite members of the public to the event.

If you wish to attend please meet at the Twinning Area, London Road for 10.45am.

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