June is the Month for Cycling

Posted: Wed, 31 May 2017 09:47 by Daventry Town Council

June is a month of Cycling events in Daventry, something for everyone to see and to taking part in as well.

1st June. Transport Exhibition at Daventry Museum http://daventrymuseum.org.uk/whats-on/

4th June. Cyclefest 1100-1400 New Street Rec Daventry http://www.lovedaventry.com/event/cyclefest-new-street-recreation-ground/

6th June Fitfest Daventry High Street 1700-2000 bring your classic bike to celebrate the Women's Tour. http://www.lovedaventry.com/event/fitfest-high-street/

7th June. The start of the Women's national 5 day cycle race from the Market Square Daventry. 11.00. http://www.womenstour.co.uk/stages/stage-1/

25th June. Daventry Cycle Club Sportive 3 rides. 10, 33 and 70 miles https://cycleformyton.wordpress.com/

All month. An 8 mile self guided cycling history tour of Daventry. https://www.daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk/uploads/ride-or-ramble-through-daventrys-history-v1.pdf

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