Daventry Town Council invests in Community Safety

Posted: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 17:08 by Daventry Town Council

Daventry Town Council takes community safety very seriously and for the past 4 years has allocated over £50,000 of its annual budget in managing and maintaining a CCTV service for the Town.

The CCTV system operates 24/7 and images, of prosecution evidence quality, are directly linked to the Northamptonshire Police control room and can be guided by experienced operators, monitoring over 40 cameras to provide surveillance of key areas to maximise public safety and provide evidence, as required.

The Town Council has also committed to fund, in the next financial year, a PCSO and a Community Ranger, who by working in partnership will provide maximum effectiveness of the CCTV system and reassurance for the community, local businesses and visitors to the Town.

Daventry is a safe place to live and Daventry Town Council considers CCTV together with policing to be one of the most powerful tools available to assist with efforts to combat crime and create a safer Daventry and civic pride within the community.

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