Proposed retail development set for Green Light

Proposed retail development set for Green Light

Daventry District Council Local Planning Authority is to give final approval to planning application DA/2017/0123 with regards to the construction of a new retail park in Daventry, which will involve demolishing the existing buildings and constructing new ones to include retail outlets, restaurants, a public house and a hotel, along with car parking, drain installation and landscaping works.

As a statutory consultee, Daventry Town Council has responded to this recent application relating to amendments to the internal layout of one of the buildings, but also reiterates its disappointment that amendments have been made to accommodate the needs of the applicant and has not addressed concerns raised by the Town Council in relation to the road layout and connections with the Town Centre.

In view of this application having already been approved by the Daventry District Council Planning Committee, at its meeting on 22nd November 2017, Daventry Town Council has asked DDC to consider the following conditions to be included within the proposal to mitigate any negative impact on adjoining residential areas:

· Delivery vehicles to be restricted to access the site via Eastern Way, only.

· No waiting zones to be created, to ensure delivery vehicles do not park on Braunston Road, Ashby Road or Eastern Way

· Waiting zones to be created, to enable delivery vehicles to wait in a controlled area, on the retail site.

The Town Council feels that the above will ensure that the safety and wellbeing of Daventry residents remain the focus and that, whilst the implementation of the new retail park will bring added benefits, to the Town and its community all areas must be considered.

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:50 by Daventry Town Council

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