Latest News: Update on PCSO and DTC Ranger

Latest News: Update on PCSO and DTC Ranger

Following on from the Town Council meeting on 30th July 2018, DTC's sponsored PCSO, Mia Ball, and Town Ranger, Sean Croke, both presented reports to members of the council with an update of their findings and work in the town centre since being in situ.

DTC is pleased to report that the cross-lateral working and communication between the PCSO, Ranger and the CCTV control room shows the impact that both individuals are making on the town, especially with regards to community safety.

The presence of the Ranger, along with the PCSO, offers reassurance to the community. The Ranger has a direct link to the CCTV control room via the Business Together Radio Scheme (open to any retailer or trader in Daventry Town) which means that incidents can be attended to immediately when the Ranger is on duty. Mia and Sean have shown that they are able to attend to these incidents expertly and swiftly. Sean has administered first aid where needed, called an ambulance, waited with the patient for the emergency services to arrive and then compiled a vulnerable person's report to the police, who have simultaneously taken over the matter. Working in tandem with the PCSO, Sean is able to action matters at a community-based level.

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer of Daventry Town Council, commented saying, "I am very pleased to see that the town has embraced both Mia and Sean. Having only been in their positions for a few months, it is wonderful to see the impact that both individuals have had on the community."

The reports are available to download from the DTC website. They are contactable via twitter @DTCranger and @PCSOMia.

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Posted: Fri, 03 Aug 2018 09:54 by Daventry Town Council

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