NEWS: Community Governance Review

NEWS: Community Governance Review

On Monday 17th September 2018, Daventry District Council (DDC) launched a consultation in respect of its Community Governance Review. This is the process that allows Councils to make changes to parishes, such as boundaries and the number of councillors.

Daventry Town Council has requested the following changes to be made to the town:-

  1. DTC has requested that consideration be given to changing its boundaries so that all of the significant planned development that is proposed around Daventry Town would be incorporated within the town council's boundary. The justification for this request is that developments are effectively extensions of Daventry Town and, as such, should be incorporated within their boundary.
  2. DTC has requested that consideration be given to altering the boundaries of the Town Council wards, reducing the current seven wards to four. The justification for this request is to address the imbalance in the ratio of electors to councillors and for the ward boundaries to mirror those of DDC.
  3. DTC has proposed a reduction in the number of councillors in line with the proposal to restructure ward boundaries. This would establish four councillors per ward, reducing the overall number of councillors from 17 to 16.

Full details of the proposals are in the attached document below.

Town residents have until 16th November 2018 to comment on the proposed changes.

Further information can be found on Daventry District Council's website:

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