Daventry Town Ranger is set to cycle up a storm

Daventry Town Ranger is set to cycle up a storm

Sean Croke, DTC Ranger, commenced the position in May 2018 and has, so far, made a lasting impression on the residents and businesses of Daventry town.

DTC, in partnership with New Age Training and Recruitment, have purchased an electric bike from Daventry business Leisure Lakes, which will assist the DTC Ranger in attending reported incidents quickly and efficiently, rather than on foot.

DTC Ranger Sean said, "It's really exciting having a bike - not only is it a great source of exercise, I will be able to attend reported incidents with much more speed, which can only be a benefit to the community. I'm hoping that I inspire others to cycle more, especially as there are so many beautiful routes in the town to take."

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer and Town Clerk for Daventry Town Council said, "This purchase will allow Sean more freedom to be in and around the town where the community most need him. If, at the same time, we can encourage the community to become more active, then that is an added bonus."

Follow Sean on Twitter @DTCranger for daily updates.

For further information, please contact events@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk

Posted: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:50 by Daventry Town Council

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