Daventry Hub – the new youth club for young people

Daventry Hub – the new youth club for young people

Daventry Hub - the new youth club for young people, opened its doors on Friday 9th November 2018 for children aged 11 – 14 years old.

Run by a group of volunteers, the Hub meets every Friday night, at Daventry Community Centre, from 7pm – 8.30pm. Entry is £1 per person. Activities range from board games to cinema nights.

Ruth Chettle, Treasurer for Daventry Hub said, "The volunteers who run the Hub had noticed that, unless you are sporty, there are very few activities for young people in Daventry Town.

We wanted to provide a safe environment for young people to have a voice – the attendees have written their own club rules, as well as made plans for what activities they want to do each week. As well as providing them with an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people of their own age, we are also hoping that this initiative will reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour in the town."

Daventry Hub is a not for profit organisation which recently received a grant of £600 from Daventry Town Council.

Daventry Mayor and Chair of Council, Cllr Lynn Jones said, "We are very proud to be able to support such a fantastic organisation that encourages our young people to interact and socialise with each other in a safe place. I look forward to seeing the Hub grow and flourish as it attracts more attendees."

If you would like to make a donation of equipment or games to Daventry Hub, please email events@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk.

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