An Interview with: Dawn Branigan

An Interview with: Dawn Branigan

An interview with the Town Council's very own Dawn Branigan.

I have lived in Daventry for just over twenty years, so I am nearly accepted as a native now and I have run my business on the High Street for just over sixteen years in March. For those who don't me, I am a professional photographer by trade, as well as owning the photography shop. I have always loved taking photographs but it wasn't something that I ever thought I would end up doing as a profession. For me, it was a light bulb moment. I had been in Sales and Marketing for around thirteen years, but the challenges that this role had presented were starting to lose their spark. A friend of mine, who had been a professional photographer, happened to look at some of my photographs one day and commented on how I had a good eye for detail, framing and composition and asked if I had ever considered taking it up professionally. For me, it was a dawning moment. I quit my job in Sales and have never looked back since.

I love living and working in Daventry; for me, the community spirit is second to none. When the building work was being carried out on the shop, it was such a tense time, I felt like a mole living in a bunker, but the whole town seemed to rally and as an individual and business owner, that is not something you would expect to see given so freely. The support and encouragement from people I would meet was truly wonderful and for me, becoming a Councillor for the Town Council was a chance to give something back. To return the shop to its original frontage and see the reaction from people walking past, is something that I am incredibly proud of. That, I can say, is definitely my legacy.

I have been a Town Councillor since May 2018 and the highlight for me so far was definitely being elected. That was such a massive vote of confidence that the people of Daventry had faith in me as a person; that I could make a difference in the town. I am incredibly humbled by that experience and definitely enjoy being an integral part of the Town Council.

Moving forward in my time as a Town Councillor, my vision for the Town is to definitely promote it as a place to visit. It is a beautiful, quaint Market Town with so much to offer. Our town is evolving and becoming a place that provides a unique shopping experience for visitors; an experience that you simply cannot get online. We have so many lovely, independent boutique shops; a plethora of community events for everyone to get involved in and an array of historic buildings and walks for people to enjoy.

I am proud to not only live and work in Daventry but to also be a Town Councillor, helping to shape and grow a town that is, most definitely, on the up. I look forward to what next year brings.

Posted: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 12:41 by Daventry Town Council

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