DTC praise NORSE for their work in Daventry Town

DTC praise NORSE for their work in Daventry Town

In June 2018, under a 10-year agreement worth £50 million with Daventry District Council, Daventry Norse took over responsibility for waste and recycling collections, litter picking, street sweeping on public roads and paths, maintenance on roadsides, maintenance of council land, hedges, bushes, trees, maintenance of play equipment, clearing fly-tipping and removing graffiti, in Daventry District.

At its meeting on Monday 28th January 2019, Daventry Town Council praised the work of the Daventry Norse Team, commending its supportive approach by listening to the needs of the community and responding promptly to address concerns and resolve environmental issues.

Deborah Jewell, Chief Executive of Daventry Town Council said, "Members of Daventry Town Council have frequently commented on how pleased they, and their residents, are with the high standard of work that Daventry NORSE has carried out since taking over the contract in June last year. The work has been carried out professionally and is making our communities a better and healthier place to live."

Posted: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 09:52 by Daventry Town Council

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