An Interview with: Ted Nicholl

An Interview with: Ted Nicholl

An interview with the Town Council's very own Ted Nicholl.

I joined the Town Council the same year as our current Mayor did, so over six years ago. The decision to become a Councillor happened over dinner one night, when a friend and I were discussing the various issues that the Town was facing. He posed a question to me which was, "Well if you think you can make things better?" It left me thinking, maybe I could make a difference? Since then, I haven't looked back.

I grew up in East London and moved to Daventry seventeen years ago, as my wife, Angela, is from here. My first thoughts when I moved to the Town were ones of feeling like I could definitely settle down here. Unlike in London, people are friendly, overtly so. They would stop me in the street and say 'hello' or smile, for no apparent reason. I wasn't used to that and it filled me with a sense of belonging. Daventry Town can do that to you - make you feel like you belong. I cannot imagine living anywhere else now.

As a trained Company Secretary, with various qualifications in finance, business and law, it made sense to be part of the Finance and Policy Committee. I love the nitty grittiness of it, and my evident attention to detail comes in handy.

In our spare time, Angela and I mentor a group of students at a secondary school in London, who take part in a City of London event called 'the Sheriffs' Challenge' - I've always been a fan of healthy debate and I would love to see younger members of our Town become more involved in politics.

I have so many hopes and wishes for Daventry Town, especially as it continues to grow and develop exponentially. I am excited to see the Town Council come into its own, given the current political climate. It is reassuring to know that no matter the outcome of 'unitary', the Town Council will remain to ensure that it stays a positive force for the development of the Town, its residents, and those who work and visit here. I have no doubt that the Town Council has the capacity to take on additional assets in order to preserve the Town's history, both for the benefit of its current residents and for future generations.

Posted: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:00 by DTC Events

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