An Interview with: Aiden Ramsey

An Interview with: Aiden Ramsey

DTC catches up with one of the Town Council's youngest members on why he chose to become a Councillor and his dreams for the future of Daventry Town.

I have been a Councillor for a year, this time round, although I was on the Town Council for a year before I took a six month break to volunteer in Africa for Voluntary Services Overseas, leading a Team of 15 UK volunteers and 15 Tanzanian volunteers. I stepped down from the position given that I was unsure when I would be returning to the country.

I have been involved in running community based projects in the Town since I was about 14 years old. I started volunteering, and then leading a volunteering group at the Phoenix Centre. We would put on music nights and gigs, putting the money back into the centre, some of which was used to create a youth cafe, which was utilised well. From then on, I became more involved in other community projects including the Arts Festival as well as campaigning for the skate park to be built. Community and community projects are very close to my heart, so becoming a Town Councillor was the next logical step for me in having an integrated role in the projects and events in the Town. Being a part of the Community Services Committee allows me to ensure that the community benefit from this as well.

What makes DTC special for me, is that everyone who is on the Town Council, or involved with DTC, has a genuine passion for making a difference in Daventry. Everyone brings something unique to the table and there is lots of enthusiasm about enforcing positive change for the better. It's encouraging to be part of a system that provide tangible evidence of making a difference.

I realise that there is currently a lot of turbulence in the Town and that many feel uncertain about the direction that the County is taking so as a Town Council it is important to ensure that we minimise any negative impact that changes coming from 'unitary' have on Daventry.

Posted: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 10:28 by Daventry Town Council

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