Daventry Fire station ablaze with partnership working

Daventry Fire station ablaze with partnership working

On Thursday 14th March 2019, Daventry Mayor, Cllr Lynn Jones, was invited to Daventry Fire Station, with other key members of the community, for a demonstration of fire equipment as well as an update on the part that the Fire Station plays in the Town, County and indeed, Country.

Cllr Jones, accompanied by Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mike Arnold, and DTC Chief Officer, Deborah Jewell, as well as other key stakeholders, including the Police Force and Councillors from the District Council, were captivated with demonstrations from the Fire Team showing how to use and handle equipment for putting out fires. The Team also displayed some of their high-tech resources, including a Remote Operated Vehicle (which bears a strong resemblance to Johnny 5) and the COBRA hose which is at the cutting edge of fire-fighting technology.

Duncan Timbs, Crew Commander at Daventry fire station said, "We are incredibly lucky to have such strong working partnerships with other key organisations in the area. By working closely with Northants Police, Daventry Town Council, Daventry District Council and others, we can focus on the needs of the community.

One of the projects we are keen to promote, and grow, is our school outreach programme – by going into schools and educating children and young people about the dangers of fire, arson and our aim is to decrease the levels of anti-social behaviour in the Town."

Cllr Jones said, "The time spent with Daventry Fire and Rescue was certainly eye-opening. The level of partnership working they are involved with in the Town is commendable, especially their joint working with Daventry Police in order to reduce anti-social behaviour, including reducing arson attacks and knife related crime.

I am very proud to live and work in a Town where the Emergency Services take such an in-depth interest in its community and the Town Council is eager to work on other projects with the team in the future."

Posted: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 16:27 by Daventry Town Council

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