Daventry Town Council to mark Merchant Navy Day with flagraising

Daventry Town Council to mark Merchant Navy Day with flagraising

On Tuesday 3rd September at 10.30am, Daventry Town Council will mark Merchant Navy Day by raising the Red Ensign at the Twinning Area in Daventry. A short service will take place and all are welcome to attend.

Established in 2000, Merchant Navy Day honours the men and women who kept our 'island nation' afloat during both World Wars, and celebrates modern day merchant seafarers who are responsible for 95% of the UK's imports.

As well as marking the outbreak of the Second World War, the 3rd September 1939 also marked the first major British maritime casualty. The merchant vessel SS Athenia was torpedoed just a few hours after hostilities were declared, with the loss of 128 passengers and crew. This day is now commemorated as Merchant Navy Day each September.

Maritime charity Seafarers UK has campaigned for the Red Ensign, the Merchant Navy's official flag, to be flown on civic buildings and landmark flagpoles across the UK. This year, their target is for the Red Ensign to be flown at more than one thousand locations.

Mayor of Daventry Cllr Mike Arnold will be attending the flag raising ceremony along with other Town Council members and community leaders. The Twinning Area is located at the top of London Road, Daventry, behind the police station.

Posted: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 10:11 by Daventry Town Council

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