Letter From Daventry Mayor Mike Arnold: Week 1

Letter From Daventry Mayor Mike Arnold: Week 1

We're living in strange times and we have all had to change our way of life to protect the one service that looks after us all - our NHS.

The Mayor of Daventry, Cllr Mike Arnold, has penned a short message to everyone:

Hello Daventry Town,

Well as I write this, I'm looking forward to the day when the sun shines again and I can sit in the garden, listen to the birds and play with the dogs before taking my one exercise for the day.

In my working days I was an Environmental Health Officer and trained to handle pandemics, so none of the present controls being introduced are a surprise to me. However, I cannot over-stress how important it is to follow the Government instructions not just for your safety but for the safety of your children, family, friends and all of us.

This has all been planned in the past and is the best possible action that can be taken. Yes it's frightening, inconvenient, boring and much else besides and I share all this with you but, it is necessary. We owe it to ourselves to make it work.

Above all else keep in touch with neighbours, relatives and friends and look after each other where possible.

We also need to thank all those essential workers in the emergency services, health and social care, food retail, refuse collection, utilities, school staff still working, the Councils and many others who continue to work on our behalf.

Please stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives.

Kind regards

Mayor Mike Arnold

Posted: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 11:15 by Daventry Town Council

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