Letter From Daventry Mayor Mike Arnold: Week 8

Goodness me, it's 8 weeks since I started with these notes and it's funny how social distancing life, in many ways, almost feels normal. There's a natural worry about the future as well as a longing for what we are missing. In our case we have just seen (via video) my grandson taking his first proper steps with a bonus little jump included. We would rather be there in person to see this but thankfully modern communications are the next best alternative, and have helped make lockdown more bearable. Zoom meetings and other similar media apps suddenly seem a lot less daunting and again the new normal keeping us in touch with loved ones and work successfully from home.

With the relaxed rules on exercising I can now take a bike ride and the dogs for a walk on the same day and the feeling of semi-freedom is a great reward for the hard work we have done together, sticking to the lockdown rules.

Although the Government advice has been relaxed, we owe it to ourselves not to bend the rules, despite us longing to see friends and family. Together we have made things better so let's keep it up and so we can finally can enjoy grandchildren, friends and family alike a lot less virtually!

So keep safe until next week and enjoy the sunshine!.

Posted: Tue, 19 May 2020 15:30 by Daventry Town Council

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