Daventry Mayor on Tour

Lynne Taylor with The Parker E-ACT Academy Executive Head Simon Cox

Hello Daventry,

Hope everyone is safe and well. As life is returning to some normality, albeit with necessary safety measures in place, it's been great to be able to get out and about once more and meet some of the wonderful residents, businesses, schools and organisations that help make Daventry Town thrive

During the next year I aim to visit a variety of local establishments and organisations across many sectors, to give residents an insight into the available services we are lucky to have. First stop, was a visit to The Parker E-ACT Academy last week...

Whilst there I was able to see the school children who could return confidently practice safe social distancing measures with little disruption to their familiar school routine. I also met Executive Head, Simon Cox as he reflected on the last week of a somewhat atypical school year:

"When I think on how much our children have achieved in this school year, I am in total awe of them. Even with this enforced period of absence, our children have shown how much talent they have and what a bright future lies ahead"

He also noted "what a committed group of staff who have gone the extra mile to raise your child's aspirations. All of these successes show me that our school community is flourishing and with record exam results and 125% increase in student numbers"

I really enjoyed this visit and it makes me so pleased to know that all Daventry children will be able to return to their various educational settings in September. It's been a challenging year for them all.

To the little ones starting at preschool or Reception, to those who'll be moving on to their senior schools. Not forgetting those who will be moving on to their next venture, whether that will be at university, college, an apprenticeship or to the world of work, I wish them all well.

In regards to schools, it is worth noting that Daventry residents can give their thoughts and opinions on the proposal of a development at The Parker E-ACT Academy for the establishment of a specialist educational provision.

You are encouraged to complete an online consultation form through The Parker E-ACT Academy website: theparkeracademy.e-act.org.uk/public-consultation

Please note that formal consultation will close on Saturday 8th August 2020. Should you have any questions before taking part, there will be a virtual public consultation meeting, the details of which can again be found on the web link above.

Daventry Town Council will also be considering responses to this consultation at our Town Council meeting on 27th July. If you have any comments for the Councils consideration please submit them to: comms@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk

I am looking forward to another busy week ahead of local visits especially with this good weather in store! Should you want me to learn more about your organisation or charity, or have an event that is safe for me to attend please email: comms@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk You can also visit our dedicated mayoral web page to access a Mayoral Engagement Form: https://www.daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk/the-mayor.html

Wishing everyone a safe and sunny week!

Posted: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 10:00 by DTC Comms

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