Reach For Health Centre Visit: #MayorOnTour

Daventry Mayor Cllr Lynne Taylor chatting to Centre member Christopher

Daventry Mayor Cllr Lynne Taylor enjoyed a visit yesterday to her chosen Mayoral Charity "Reach for Health" a centre dedicated to physical and mental health rehabilitation.

When asked why she chose this particular charity she said: "Ten years ago I was the Founder Trustee and chairman of the charity Reach For Health and continue my close association and support. This unique organisation supports those with enduring and life changing medical conditions, within a social and friendly environment by a team of highly qualified caring professionals and passionate volunteers. A decade on from its inception, it is a testament to Reach For Health that it is widely recognised for its excellence in individualised healthcare"

Whilst there yesterday Lynne chatted to some members including Geoff, Faye, Alison and Christopher (pictured with Lynne above). Reach For Health is preparing to move to new premises on the 19th October which is very exciting for both staff and visitors alike. The new building is situated on the site of Daventry Sports Trust on Western Avenue and the modern structure will be very welcome for this progressive charity. Lynne commented "Their new premises, funded by DDC will greatly enhance the environment and facilities for everyone. I'm so looking forward to visiting again soon"

The Reach for Health Centre have wide-ranging skills that are all focused on health rehabilitation. Although many of their users are from Daventry and the surrounding villages, they also provide continuing exercise based physical and mental health rehabilitation for people from communities across Northamptonshire.

To find out more about this charity visit their website at:

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To view a short video of Lynne from yesterdays visit please follow the link below:

Posted: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 13:00 by Daventry Town Council

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