Daventry NORSE Visit: #MayorOnTour

Daventry Mayor Lynne Taylor pictured with Norse Grounds Maintenance Operatives George Russell and Alan Kightley

Daventry Mayor Cllr. Lynne Taylor braved the cold temperatures last week on the latest stop of her #Mayorontour series when she visited the team at Daventry NORSE.

NORSE contend with all weathers to deliver a core service within Daventry of waste collection, ground maintenance and street cleansing. They are often unsung heroes that Daventry Town Council wanted to acknowledge and celebrate.

Lynne commented: " I was so pleased to visit NORSE, but perhaps not on the coldest day of the year! Yet our operatives carry on working whatever the weather. We chatted whilst stamping our feet to keep warm and it was lovely to hear to from them that over the last nine months residents are appreciating their care. They really do take pride in their work to manage and improve our open spaces. DTC are working in partnership with NORSE and making a positive difference to where we live, work and play. Hopefully we will soon be able to once again appreciate our open spaces together"

A big thank you to Daventry NORSE for being a frontline public service provider and making a real difference to our town.

Posted: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 15:00 by Daventry Town Council

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