Southbrook Residents Shine in Community Clean-up

Southbrook Residents Shine in Community Clean-up

Daventry Town Council (DTC) was excited to join in and give partners, Futures Housing, residents of Southbrook and pupils from Daventry and Southbrook Learning Village a helping hand to clean up and care for their environment.

Over 25 people turned up to clean up their community and make a difference to the environment.

Daventry Town Council Community Ranger, Cllr Arnold, Cllr Matthews and the Chief Officer joined in the fun in the sun. The Chief Officer said 'Daventry Town Council is passionate about making a difference to the environment in all areas of Daventry town. In Autumn 2020, DTC launched its #Litterheroes Campaign investing over £3k to purchase over 100 litter-picking kits, which were given out to local volunteers to encourage residents to target areas that can safely be cleared of litter to clean-up and generate a pride in the environment and community they live in. Now, with the relaxation in Covid-19 rules, Daventry Town Council is continuing to invest funds by re-launching its monthly community litter picking walks, where local residents are asked to pledge just one hour of their time to join the Community Ranger and Ward Councillors cleaning up litter hotspots within Daventry.

Should you be interested in joining these events, mark these dates in your diary:

  • Saturday 5th June @ 11am - 12pm - Stefen Hill (by basket ball hoop)
  • Saturday 12th June @ 2pm - 3pm - New Street Park/Rec (by the noticeboard)

For more information on our #Litterheroes Campaign and forthcoming picks please follow the link below: Litter Heroes

Lets work together to clean up our Town.

Posted: Wed, 02 Jun 2021 17:30 by Daventry Town Council

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