Daventry Town Council says 'NO' to proposed truck stop on Brown's Road

Daventry Town Council says 'NO' to proposed truck stop on Brown's Road

Daventry Town Council, supported by residents and WNC Ward Members voted unanimously to object to planning application WND/2021/0958, which proposes to create a truck stop for 135 heavy goods vehicles on land west of Browns Road, adjacent to Kentle Wood and Daventry Town Football Club.

Members of the Town Council reviewed the reports supporting the application and were astounded by claims that Browns Road is sufficiently wide enough to accommodate the passing of 2 HGVs, on a 'No Through Road'. Residents of Daventry and visitors to either the Recycle Centre, Daventry Town Football Club, Daventry Bowls Club, Daventry Sports Park or the car wash and local businesses know that it is impossible for two cars to pass on this road and the introduction of a truck stop at the very end of this road would cause traffic chaos.

Cllr Karen Tweedale, Mayor of Daventry, said "on behalf of every member of the Town Council and Daventry Town residents, I implore the local planning authority to visit the site and realise this location can not accommodate the type and frequency of HGV traffic that will use this truck stop. Its not only detrimental to the environment and existing traffic flow, but does not have any facilities for the drivers and the welfare of the drivers must also be an important consideration when deciding this application."

Posted: Mon, 07 Mar 2022 19:05 by Daventry Town Council

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