Report Potholes or a Highway Problem

Report Potholes or a Highway Problem

Potholes within Daventry and West Northamptonshire are the responsibility of West Northamptonshire Council (WNC). If you come across a pothole don't assume someone else has reported it or it is being dealt with – please report it.

HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM: Visit the WNC Fix My Street Website or download the FixMyStreet app.

1. Enter the Northamptonshire postcode, street name or area

2. Locate the precise area via the online map

3. Enter details of the problem and upload photos (please only log a single problem per enquiry)

TIPS: Uploading photos with your report will speed up the process and the issue will potentially get fixed more quickly. To help locate the problem try and include both a close-up and a wide shot (avoid personal information and vehicle number plates).

WHAT CAN YOU REPORT: You can report Potholes and also the following items: Bus Stops, Crash Barriers - Damaged/Missing, Drain Covers, Drains, Footway/Footpath, Highway Bridges - Damaged/Unsafe, Kerbs, Pedestrian Barriers - Damaged / Missing, Rights of Way, Road Markings - Worn/Faded, Roads, Safety Bollard - Damaged/Missing, Signs, Street lighting, Traffic Signals/Signalled Controlled Crossings, Vegetation, Verges - Damaged by Vehicles and Winter Maintenance.

More info regarding all the issues mentioned can be found here:

EMERGENCIES: If you believe the defect you are reporting is an emergency, please call WNC direct on 0300 126 7000 (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday), outside of these hours please ring 01604 651074.

Please note that National Highways maintains motorways, dual carriageways and certain trunk roads, such as the M1, M45 A5, A14 and part of the A43 and A45 - issues relating to these roads should be reported directly to National Highways here:

Posted: Fri, 06 Jan 2023 08:00 by Daventry Town Council

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