Daventry Country Park - WNC proposes revised charges

Daventry Country Park - WNC proposes revised charges

Following a six-week public consultation on West Northamptonshire Council's (WNC) draft budget for 2023/24, proposed parking charges were reviewed and a revised schedule of charges is being submitted for approval at the WNC Full Council meeting to take place on on 22nd February 2023.

Daventry Town Council considered the previously proposed parking charges for Daventry Country Park and objected to the charges on the basis that charging would deter people from using this countywide facility. Daventry Town Council emphasised that health and wellbeing was a high priority on local and Central Governments' Agenda, and it was extremely important to ensure that public parks remained easily accessible, with no restrictions, to encourage the community, especially children and young people to be more active.

Daventry Town Council also raised their objections to any proposal to introduce parking charges in the Town Centre, as it would have a detrimental effect on both residents and the business community.

West Northamptonshire Council acknowledged concerns raised by residents and businesses and are proposing the following revised charges Daventry and Brixworth Country Parks:

Up to one hour £2.00

Up to two hours £3.00

Up to three hours £4.00

Up to four hours £5.00

Up to five hours £6.00

Up to six hours £7.00

Seven hours to all day £8.00

Park Run (between 8am and 10am) - £5.00 annual fee

Single park season ticket £70.00 annual fee

Dual park season ticket £95.00 annual fee

Daventry Town Centre car parks will remain free of charge but are time restricted for more information Council car parks in Daventry | West Northamptonshire Council (westnorthants.gov.uk)

Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2023 20:00 by Daventry Town Council

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