Town Councillor Vacancies - Daventry North/Daventry West

Town Councillor Vacancies - Daventry North/Daventry West

Daventry Town Council has Town Councillor vacancies in Daventry North Ward and Daventry West Ward.

Do You Want to Do Something Positive for Your Community?

Do You Want to Spend Your Time Productively:

Can You Think, Listen and Act Locally?

As a new Councillor, you will bring fresh enthusiasm and new ideas to the Council, care for your community and a willingness to learn.

All you need is:

TIME - Generally speaking, you can manage the time you spend by adjusting your commitment to suit the needs of the Town and your aims for the community. Meetings are mainly held in Daventry Town Council offices on Mondays at 18:30. It is important to consider the meetings schedule to ensure they don't coincide with regular home and business arrangements.

EXPENDITURE – A Daventry Town Councillor is an unpaid position, but any authorised expenditure is reimbursed whilst carrying out duties for and on behalf of the Council.

CHARACTER - You will need to be committed, collaborative, analytical, patient, practical and have a can-do attitude.

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Posted: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 13:00 by Daventry Town Council

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