#No Mow May

#No Mow May

Daventry Town Council, in partnership with West Northamptonshire Norse, is supporting No Mow May.

Daventry Town has around 930,000 sq. metres of green space, which you will recognise as the large playing fields, the wide grass verges and the many little strips of green that pepper the town and estates.

Unfortunately, it is not practical to leave all open spaces and grass verges uncut, but by beginning to change the mowing schedules, Daventry Town Council is building on its plan and knowledge to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Daventry Town.

In fact, not cutting the grass for a month encourages more flowers to grow, so if you have a lawn, join the Town Council and 'Let Your Garden Grow'.

And, in the last week of May, why not join us by taking part in a Citizen's Survey by measuring a metre square and counting the flowers that have grown in that patch and send your results to plantlife.org.uk.

For more information visit: Every Flower Counts - YouTube

Posted: Tue, 02 May 2023 13:44 by Daventry Town Council

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