New Date Announced for Postponed Feel-Good Fest & Daventry Skate Jam Events!

New Date Announced for Postponed Feel-Good Fest & Daventry Skate Jam Events!

Daventry Town Council is excited to announce the rescheduled date for our recently postponed Feel-Good Fest! and Daventry Skate Jam Events. Both Events will now take place on Saturday 21 October 2023.

Daventry Town Council is thrilled to host our first Feel-Good Event event at New Street Park. The family-friendly festival will boast an array of enthusiasts showcasing their activities, hobbies, skills, passions and sports for visitors to discover more and have a go themselves!

The park will be divided into Good-Vibe Zones; Performance, Creative, Active, and Feel-Good and will also feature food stalls, live music, dance and much more. Daventry Town Council wants to connect with local community groups, organisations, performers and hobbyists who can join us on the day.

As part of the festivities, we will also host Daventry Skate Jam. We have invited the fantastic Team Rubicon, a leading nationwide provider of skateboard coaching, to run Daventry's first Skate Jam event at the Skate Park in New Street Park.

Team Rubicon will provide 2 hours (11am - 1pm) of FREE coaching before the Skate Jam begins with music, competitions and prizes. All ages and abilities are welcome.

We look forward to welcoming visitors for a day of discovery, fun and much more!

Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 10:41 by Daventry Town Council

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