Parks & Open Spaces

Aerial view of New Street Rec

New Street Park, Daventry (photo credit: Picture 55)

Daventry Town Council now manages and maintains the parks and open spaces within Daventry as shown below - with the exception of the Country Park and Borough Hill which are managed by West Northamptonshire Council.

No Mow May

Throughout the month of May, we will leave certain green areas to grow as we support #nomowmay to encourage biodiversity and give nature a helping hand to bloom. Keep an eye out for our signs!

Find out more here in our News item.

Initial Enquiry to Hire our Open Spaces

If you wish to hire one of our open spaces please complete our initial Enquiry Form below for us to check availability.

Please note: (i) Proposed event must be at least 6 calendar weeks between similar events in Daventry Town (ii) Applications must be received 6 weeks prior to proposed date of event.

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Initial Enquiry Form - Events held on DTC Open Spaces

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