Daventry Town Mayor

The Mayor is chosen annually by the Council and fulfills two important roles: firstly, they Chair the meetings of Council; and, secondly, are the First Citizen of the Town.

As Chairman of Council they are responsible for seeing that the meetings are conducted in a seemly manner in accordance with the Council's constitution, and carry a casting vote in the event of a stalemate.

As First Citizen of the Town the Mayor acts as the principal ambassador of the Council and will attend around 100 engagements each year. This will include hosting annual events such as the welcoming of royalty and distinguished visitors to the Town, hosting receptions for local organisations, launching Council initiatives and visiting local groups and companies at their invitation often to mark a significant event such as the opening of a new building or the presentation of certificates.

Town Mayor 2020-21

Following Daventry Town Council's Annual Town Meeting on Thursday 28th May 2020, Cllr Lynne Taylor was elected to the position of Mayor of Daventry for the Council Year 2020/2021.

Cllr Lynne Taylor has been a Councillor for Daventry Town since 2003, initially being voted via co-option as Councillor for Drayton Ward, 17 years later, she is very much an integral part of the Town Council and in her role as Mayor a knowledgeable and experienced Councillor and representative of Daventry Town.

Having been a previous Mayor and serving the past year as Deputy Mayor she is more than qualified for the position, Cllr Taylor has a great understanding of the responsibilities that come with the role and is up for the challenge. Cllr Karen Tweedale joins Cllr Taylor as the Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Lynne Taylor has passionately stated: "My dream for Daventry is to see us to continue to grow as a community. Progress and change are inevitable and as a Town Council, our responsibility is to ensure that the residents views continue to be heard. We cannot be complacent in what we are doing. With 'unitary' around the corner, it is an opportunity for the Town Council to take on even more services. We are ready, willing and able."

The Deputy Mayor for 2020-2021 is Councillor Karen Tweedale.

Would you like the Mayor to attend your event?

The Mayor has previously attended many community events to help promote and raise awareness of local charities and organisations, however as many events have been cancelled or postponed, the Mayor would still like to help raise awareness of any activities via the Town Council's social media pages. If you would like the Mayor to learn more about your organisation or charity, please email: comms@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk

Should you be lucky enough to be able to organise an event, the Mayor would love to attend (as long as it is safe to do so). The Mayor attends events, free of charge. For a Mayor's Engagement form please click on the document below.

Reach For Health logo

The Mayor's Charity

Each Mayor nominates their own chosen charity - Lynne has chosen "Reach for Health". When asked why she chose this particular charity she said "Soon their new building will be completed but it's a challenging year for them as Covid-19 has meant they had to close their doors to those that so need and benefit from their help and kindness."

Reach for Health is a centre dedicated to physical and mental health rehabilitation. To find out more about this charity visit the Reach for Health website.

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