Town Mayor

The Mayor is chosen annually by the Council and fulfills two important roles: firstly, they Chair the meetings of Council; and, secondly, are the First Citizen of the Town.

As Chairman of Council they are responsible for seeing that the meetings are conducted in a seemly manner in accordance with the Council's constitution, and carry a casting vote in the event of a stalemate.

As First Citizen of the Town the Mayor acts as the principal ambassador of the Council and will attend around 100 engagements each year. This will include hosting annual events such as the welcoming of royalty and distinguished visitors to the Town, hosting receptions for local organisations, launching Council initiatives and visiting local groups and companies at their invitation often to mark a significant event such as the opening of a new building or the presentation of certificates.

Town Mayor 2018/19

Daventry's new Town Mayor is Councillor Lynn Jones.

The new Deputy Mayor is Councillor Mike Arnold.

Councillor Lynn Jones has served the past year as the Deputy Mayor to the outgoing Mayor Councillor Lynne Taylor.

Upon her election, Councillor Lynn Jones commented "I am incredibly pleased and excited to have been elected as the Mayor for Daventry. I look forward to meeting as many people as possible to promote our Town along with my Deputy Councillor Mike Arnold."

Would you like the Mayor to attend your event?

The Mayor attends events, free of charge. For a Mayor's Engagement form please click on the document below.

The Mayor's Charity

To be announced.