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VISION STATEMENT: By 2035 Daventry Town Centre will continue to be the heart of the growing town and a distinctive destination.

Improvements to the overall offer of the town centre will be delivered through ongoing inclusive partnership working between the public sector, voluntary organisations, local businesses and the wider community.

Changes to the town centre will result in a town centre that is fit for the 21st Century with an improved environment for residents, visitors and businesses.

Proposal for public areas of Daventry map

Proposal for public areas of Daventry map

What is the Daventry Town Centre Vision?

Work on the vision started in March 2020, as Daventry District Council (DDC) recognised that the Town Centre Vision 2021 had reached the end of its intended period and the importance of adopting a Town Centre vision before Vesting Day of the new West Northamptonshire Council.

The Vision, although not a planning document, proposes to declutter and improve the public realm, improve pedestrian and cycle links to the Town, reduce traffic domination, introduce lighting, enhance the public open spaces to encourage growth of the night-time economy, re-location of the bus station to create a one-way system to give priority to pedestrians, develop land by the Police Station, West Court Car Park and Leisure Centre and a new leisure/arts/community facility on land by The Hollow.

Daventry District Council adopted the vision, at its last meeting, on 18th March 2021 following Daventry Town Council's adoption of the vision at a Special Meeting on 15th March 2021.

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The process of developing the Vision

STAGE 1: Consultation: Summer 2020 We want to hear your views on Daventry town centre

STAGE 2: Consultation Findings Report: Autumn 2020 We'll put the findings in a public report so everyone can see them

STAGE 3: Preparing the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 We'll develop a draft Vision based on those findings

STAGE 4: Consultation on the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 Your chance to tell us what you think of the draft Vision

STAGE 5: Adoption and Implementation: Spring 2021 Your views will shape the final document so it can be adopted and put into action

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