Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035

What is the Daventry Town Centre Vision?

Daventry Town Council and Daventry District Council are working together on the new vision for how Daventry town centre can evolve between now and 2035.

The Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 will set out how the town can change and evolve over the next 15 years and beyond.

Once put in place, it will provide a framework to help Daventry attract the sort of investment and development it will need in order to achieve the aims of the Vision.

We all want the best for our town, so let's work together to make it happen.

Watch our DTCV35 video we have put together below...

The process of developing the Vision

STAGE 1: Consultation: Summer 2020 We want to hear your views on Daventry town centre

STAGE 2: Consultation Findings Report: Autumn 2020 We'll put the findings in a public report so everyone can see them

STAGE 3: Preparing the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 We'll develop a draft Vision based on those findings

STAGE 4: Consultation on the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 Your chance to tell us what you think of the draft Vision

STAGE 5: Adoption and Implementation: Spring 2021 Your views will shape the final document so it can be adopted and put into action

What are your views?

It's your town, so we really want to hear your views to help shape the Vision. Please take a moment to complete the survey. Tell us what you think of the town centre and share your ideas of how you think it can be improved, so we can work together to make it happen.

For more details about the closing date, please visit: www.daventry2035.com

Have your say

Please complete the online survey at: www.daventry2035.com

If you require a paper copy of the survey please email contact@daventry2035.com or call 01327 301246

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