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What is the Daventry Town Centre Vision?

Daventry Town Council and Daventry District Council are working together on the new vision for how Daventry town centre can evolve between now and 2035.

The Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 will set out how the town can change and evolve over the next 15 years and beyond.

Once put in place, it will provide a framework to help Daventry attract the sort of investment and development it will need in order to achieve the aims of the Vision.

We all want the best for our town, so let's work together to make it happen.

Watch the DTCV35 video that has been put together below...

The process of developing the Vision

STAGE 1: Consultation: Summer 2020 We want to hear your views on Daventry town centre

STAGE 2: Consultation Findings Report: Autumn 2020 We'll put the findings in a public report so everyone can see them

STAGE 3: Preparing the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 We'll develop a draft Vision based on those findings

STAGE 4: Consultation on the Vision: Autumn/Winter 2020 Your chance to tell us what you think of the draft Vision

STAGE 5: Adoption and Implementation: Spring 2021 Your views will shape the final document so it can be adopted and put into action

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Draft Vision for Daventry Town Centre’s Future Unveiled

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People had until midnight on Sunday 10th January to have their say. See the proposed new plans here...

A draft proposal for maximising the potential of Daventry town centre over the next 15 years has been unveiled. Daventry residents were encouraged to share their views on the proposals by visiting https://daventry2035.com

Based on public responses to a consultation held over the summer, the draft Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 sets out a range of measures that could be implemented to transform the centre as a destination for residents, visitors and businesses.

Led by Daventry District Council and ourselves the Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 aims to create a framework for how the town centre can grow and evolve, to help attract investment and development.

The draft Vision has been shaped by the views of more than 600 people who responded to a consultation held in the summer. It also includes input from key stakeholders, including representatives from businesses, councils, and other organisations.

Feedback provided during this second phase of consultation will be used to help create a final Vision, which must be voted on by councillors before it can be introduced.

Councillor Lynne Taylor, Mayor of Daventry, said: "I was heartened that so many people commented with their thoughtful views on the first draft of the Daventry Town Centre Vision 35 consultation. I urge our residents to contribute their views once more to refine the final vision, as this document will help to shape and define the future for Daventry."

See the proposed new plans for Daventry here.

People can also request a paper copy of the draft Vision by emailing contact@daventry2035.com or by phoning Daventry Town Council on 01327 301246.

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