Support for Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine scheme

West Northamptonshire Council have put together a helpful list of advice and guidance for people wishing to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war:

  • Advice for potential sponsors: Guidance on a range of questions and issues if you're thinking of becoming a sponsor
  • Advice for confirmed sponsors: Guidance for sponsors including how to ensure your home is suitable and how your guests get to you
  • Homes for Ukraine - other ways to help: Donate, offer support and find out other ways you can help Ukrainians forced to flee their home
  • Homes for Ukraine - Children applying for a school place: How to apply for a school place in West Northamptonshire
  • Homes for Ukraine - Health, wellbeing and Covid: How your guests can access NHS services, how you can deal with safeguarding concerns and information on Covid vaccinations and testing
  • Useful resources for sponsors and guests: Links to useful resources for Ukrainian guests and their sponsors

Click on the 'Homes for Ukraine' page here for more information


  • "Sponsor" or "sponsors" refers to an individual, group or organisation who has been approved to accommodate an individual or household from Ukraine under the "Homes for Ukraine" sponsorship scheme.
  • "Guest" or "guests" refers to an individual or household previously resident in Ukraine, prior to 1 January 2022, who have secured a visa under the "Homes for Ukraine" scheme, which enables them to be housed by a sponsor.

Record your interest

If you would like to offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine, you can become a 'sponsor' as part of the 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme. You can do this either as an individual or if you are part of an organisation. To register your interest please visit Homes for Ukraine: Record your Interest

If you already know someone: If you already know a Ukrainian national (or immediate family member) who you want to sponsor, you can help them apply for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

Frequently asked questions

Visit the Government website for Questions and answers on how the Homes for Ukraine scheme will work.

Other ways you can help

If you would like to donate money, there are a number of charities providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal. The UK Government matched, pound-for-pound, £25 million of public donations to this appeal. Your donation could help someone affected receive food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes or shelter


Information for Ukraine residents in Daventry

West Northamptonshire Council and partners welcomes newly housed Ukrainian residents to the area. We understand that this will not only be an incredibly worrying time for you, but also appreciate that some aspects of living in the UK will be different to experiences in Ukraine. The attached documents helps to guide guests to local services, it may also be useful to local sponsors.

Hopefully, the information will be helpful to you during your stay in West Northamptonshire.

The welcome pack can be translated to Ukrainian and Russian on request.

Last updated: Wed, 25 May 2022 11:14