Vehicle Entry Form - Daventry Classic Car Show 2020

Please fill in the detail below to enter your vehicle into our Classic Car Show on Saturday 30th May 2020. We can accept all types of classic cars, motorcycles, tractors or other vehicles. If you are unsure about if your vehicle will fit in with our show or have any further questions please get in touch: 01327 301246 or

IMPORTANT: Before you start please read the Terms & Conditions below before completing your online form and ensure you have a photo of your vehicle ready to upload.

Entry for 2020 is FREE!

Terms & Conditions

Daventry Town Council

Classic Car Show 2020


Venue: The Hollows, Waterloo, Daventry NN11 XXX (see attached map)

Date: Saturday 30th May 2020

Once inside the event gates everyone is subject to the rules and regulations as laid down by Daventry Town Council and the organisers of the above event.

Items of specific importance to exhibitors are as follows:

You the exhibitors:

  • All exhibitor vehicles are accepted into the event on the condition that the organisers cannot be held responsible for exhibitors' negligence involving damage or injury to vehicles or persons. Similarly, for loss or theft of vehicles, contents and equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that all vehicles on the event site have valid insurance and third-party cover (as a minimum).
  • All drivers of vehicles must hold a valid and current driving license.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of them self and any other member of their party.
  • Vehicles moving on the event site are restricted to a maximum of walking speed (4mph).
  • Exhibitors are expected to follow the instructions of the organisers regarding the sitting of vehicles. In the interest of safety please follow their instructions at all times.
  • No unauthorised movement of vehicles is accepted during the day, until the event has finished.
  • As the venue is a grass area that is normally used by the public, exhibitors must ensure that any oil/fuel leaks are caught on a drip tray or large piece of cardboard under the vehicle. This is to be taken away at the end of the day by the exhibitor.
  • The riding of cycles, motorcycles etc around the event grounds is strictly forbidden at any time (disabled vehicles may be allowed at the discretion of the organisers).
  • At the end of the event, please ensure that any rubbish is removed from the site.

Us the organisers:

  • All cancellations should be made in writing. We regret that payments made are non-refundable.
  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel the Daventry Classic Car Show at any time. Bookings will not be reimbursed, nor items bought in advance specifically for the show.
  • We do not supply any equipment.
  • The organisers reserve the right to remove anyone from the event who is considered to have contravened the regulations.
  • Unless previously specified on the booking form, the organisers cannot? guarantee that you will be placed with your preferred group, or with a specific friend.
  • All timings are subject to change without prior notice.

Show times are as follows:

  • The Event field is open from 08:00
  • Vehicles must in place by 09:30 at the latest
  • The Daventry Classic Car Show will be open to the public from 10:00 – 16:00
  • Prizes will be awarded at 15:00
  • Show closes at 16:00 and vehicles to depart from 16:10 or as advised by the organisers

Please help us to keep the event site tidy by placing all rubbish in the bins provided.

Please observe the event conditions, it is our wish that you have a safe and enjoyable day.

Thank you very much for your co-operation with the above.

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Vehicle Entry Form - Classic Car Show 2020

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