Who we are & what we do

Daventry Town Council

In 1972, The Charter Trustees were formed to look after Daventry's charters and town regalia after the change in local government and the formation of the Daventry District Council. In 2003 a new Daventry Town Council was established consisting of 17 members, who give their time on a voluntary basis and are elected every four years.

Daventry Town Council is responsible for: Allotments, Care and Conservation of the War Memorial, Civic and Mayoral Engagements, Community Grants, Christmas Lights, Daventry Museum, Daventry Town Council Dial-A-Ride, Hanging Baskets, Consultee on Town Planning Matters, Landscaping for both the Twinning and War Memorial sites, Public Engagement, Town Events.

The Town Council also owns and manages CCTV and through its Community Ranger service works collaboratively with the Police and CCTV Control Room to combat crime and anti-social behaviour to make Daventry a safer place to live, work and visit.

The Council office and Council Chamber is located at 3 New Street, Daventry, NN11 4BT, where Council and Council Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis - see Council Meetings or our What's On page for more information.

Our vision and ethos

Daventry Town Council continuously strives to make Daventry Town a better place to live, work and visit. How we will achieve this is by:

  • Providing a democratic and representational voice of the community.
  • Supporting and contributing towards the economic and social growth of the the local community.
  • Continuing to provide quality services at the most effective cost.
  • Continuing to work in partnership with other agencies providing public services for the Town.
  • Striving to improve quality of life in the Town.


  • How to become a Town Councillor (MS Word, 42 Kb)

    Our councillors are elected or co-opted, if you would like to become a councillor or find out more this document will tell you all you need to know.

  • Councillors

    A list of our councillors along with contact information and which committees they are on.


Our committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.

Daventry Town Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

We have a team of staff that work together to deliver the range of services we provide. They can be contacted through our office in 3 New Street, by phone or email.

Deborah Jewell

Chief Officer

Deborah - Chief Officer

01327 301246

Sophie Good

Development and Liaison Officer

Sophie - Development and Liaison Officer

01327 301246

AJ Green

Events Officer

Events Officer

01327 301246

Sarah Fox

Responsible Finance Officer

Sarah - Responsible Finance Officer

01327 301246

Katie Eaton

Administration Assistant

Katie - Administration Assistant

01327 301246

Hayley Francis

Communications Officer

Hayley - Communications Officer

01327 301246